Red Sox sign reliever Joel Hanarahan and a Celebration of Baseball

30 Dec

Red Sox acquire new reliever Joel Hanarahan and celebrating Baseball

Published by: Doc on 27th Dec 2012 | View all blogs by Doc
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It’s the end of the year after Christmas and fairly quiet in the baseball world in these parts until football is over in early Febuary now with the Super Bowl. Then college basketball carries on the next couple months.

In the meantime pitchers and catchers will be reporting south in mid Febuary and spring training gets into full gear in March, before the regular season starts in early April or sometimes late March just as the college basketball season is ending. The seasons almost always change in symmetry so we have something to look forward to.

But in the offseason there are moves in the hot stove starting with the winter meetings in early December and they can happen all winter through spring training.

You never know exactly when a deal will be made either depending on the economics and other baseball situations.

This week the Boston Red Sox one of the teams I like best picked up a reliever, 31 year old Joel Hanarahan, in a 6 player trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Hanarahan is a big stocky righthander with 76 saves since 2011. He had a 2.72 era in 2012 and an even better 1.83 era in 2011. His walks have gone up from 2.1 to 5.4 the last few years. But you never know with relievers from day to day and year to year. Eric Gagne had 85 saves in a row several years back for the Dodgers, but by the time he got to play for the Milwaukee Brewers a couple years ago he was struggling. So you never know and just have to live with the moment That’s baseball especially, a sport where every day and situation is different which makes baseball special and most unique of different sports.

As I write this I’m listening to a new cd I received about legendary Milwaukee Brewers and funny man announcer Bob Uecker with a lot of his famous calls and stories. What great ambiance as I write this blog and I look forward to writing many more here at Basebook as the new year and season begins. Talk soon. Yours in Brewers and Baseball. Doc.


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