Some big free agent signings in baseball

13 Dec

Some Big Time Free Agent Signings in Baseball

Published by: Doc on 13th Dec 2012 | View all blogs by Doc
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Some breaking news in baseball the last few days regarding key free agents. Pitcher Zach Grienke signed a 6 year deal leaving the crosstown Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and going to the Los Angeles Dodgers who under Magic Johnson and others ownership and direction now have a payroll over 200 million dollars next year. Wins will be expected and failure will be highly scrutinized.

Meanwhile the Los Angeles Angels aren’t poor in the bank as they sign free agent slugger Josh Hamilton to a 5 year contract. I don’t like seeing him leave the Texas Rangers ,and go to their AL West rival LA Angels, but the Angels are spending big dollars to win though I think their pitching is still somewhat questionable and remember it took last year’s free agent Albert Pujols awhile to come around and swing the big bats for the big bucks in Anaheim. So we’ll see what happens.
Finally the Red Sox signed another free agent with their spending money in pitcher Ryan Dempster to a 2 year contract . After years at Chicago’s Wrigley Field with the Cubs and a few months with the Rangers in Arlington, Dempster heads to Fenway and he’ll be looked to replace a Josh Beckett’s spot in the rotation and get the Red Sox back on the winning path again. Some exciting moves in baseball as some teams look to fill their Christmas stockings and head to the new year. So we’ll see what moves are next in baseball and what happens when they get on the field in their new surroundings next year. Best wishes Doc/Bratman


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