A seventh game in the National League and the Red Sox hire a new manager

22 Oct

In baseball news we have a Game 7 in the National League Championship Series between the San Fransisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals. The Giants have climbed back into the series from a 3-1 deficit and after a 6-1 win at home in Game 6 the Giants have a chance to complete the comeback in Game 7 at home in San Fransisco Monday night. It was the Giants 5th straight elimination game victory in these playoffs.

But these Cardinals have their own fighting heart and have won deciding games at the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals in these playoffs. And they are the defending champions after coming back in the last two games at home vs the Texas Rangers in last years Fall Classic.

I checked the history and there has never been a Tigers vs Giants World Series even when the Giants played baseball in New York. The Cardinals and Tigers have played three times 1934 won by the Cardinals, 1968 won by the Tigers and most recently 2006 by the Cardinals.

The Cardinals had to win a deciding seventh game vs the New York Mets in New York to get to that 2006 World Series so there is some fairly recent history there though a lot of the players are already different.

As for tonight it will be a great game hopefully and it’s a shame one of these teams has to go home. These Giants without a real superstar have been spectacular and the Cardinals never seem to die away as well. But one of these teams will lose tonight. Its tough to see the Giants losing at home and they seem to have taken over the last couple games with their backs to the wall. And even though I’m not a Cardinals fan I hate picking against them because they have a real fighting heart as well as the Giants and Beth Sportsblogger is a huge Cardinals fan here on the blogs so I’m rooting for her as a friend here. So to be different I’ll pick against the traditional thinking of picking the home team and I’ll pick the Cardinals tonight for her. They’re a team that has broken a lot of fans hearts including mine with the Brewers and Rangers in last years playoffs, and continuing this year with elimination victories over the Braves and Nationals on the road in deciding games. So until they’re dead the Titanic has not sunk yet. Maybe tonight they hit their iceberg. Or they’ll crash through again and head back on to the World Series. The winner tonight will host the Detroit Tigers and Game 1 Starter Justin Verlander in the World Series where the National League has home field advantage. We’ll see what happens.

Finally the Boston Red Sox one of my favorite teams finally hired their new manager John Farrell who had managed the Toronto Blue Jays the last few years and was the Red Sox pitching coach from 2007-2010. The Red Sox who finished an uncharacteristic last place in the American League this season under the outspoken embattled Bobby Valentine say they trust and like their new manager. We’ll see if that translates to better play and more wins on the field now that the Red Sox have the manager they really wanted. Best wishes and talk soon. Bratman






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