Boston Red Sox are the Champions! I’m so excited!

31 Oct

Well its an exciting day for me as a sports fan. The Boston Red Sox my favorite baseball team along with the Milwaukee Brewers are World Champions and it feels really good. Next year in fact both teams the Brewers and Red Sox will play on Opening Day and the Red Sox will receive their championship rings. That will be as good as a World Series for me between the two teams I like best that I don’t really want to see play in the World Series when I like both teams. If they were both good enough I might change my mind lol.
But I was thrilled to see the Red Sox win their third championship in the last 10 years since 2004. And along with four championships for the NBA San Antonio Spurs and two for the Pittsburgh Steelers, it has been a nice run of success for teams that I like. They don’t all win every year , but they are competing well and have had success.
The Red Sox victory over the St Louis Cardinals a great team and organization by a score of 4 games to 2 in the World Series was sweet and the clinching victory 6-1 over the Cardinals in Game 6 was the first time the Red Sox had clinched the World Series at home since 1918. Remember in 2004 the Red Sox won their epic World Series after 86 years in St Louis. And then 3 years later in 2007 the Red Sox won the World Series sweeping the Colorado Rockies with the final game in Colorado.
In 1967 and 1975 the Red Sox had a chance to win a World Series at home, but they lost to the Cardinals in 1967 on the day I was born as my father was watching lol and the Cincinatti Reds in 1975 both in seven games. The Red Sox had also lost seventh games at the Cardinals in 1946 and the New York Mets in 1986.
So its been a long tough road especially when the Red Sox main rival the New York Yankees has 27 championships to the Red Sox 8. But in the last 10 years the Red Sox have won three championships (2004, 2007 and 2013) to the Yankees 1 championship in 2009 and now the Red Sox have the more recent one again so life is Goode lol.
And as I said above my favorite teams have had a run of championship success since 1999 with the Spurs, Red Sox and Steelers winning championships often close at the same time if you look at runs in 2004-2005 and 2007-2008.
Now this year was a tough year when the Spurs blew a 3-2 lead and lost to the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. The Toronto Maple Leafs my favorite hockey team that hasn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967 returned to the playoffs and made the seventh game in the first round vs the Boston Bruins. They had a 4-1 lead in the third period of the seventh game before losing 5-4 in overtime. That was tough but the Leafs hadn’t made the playoffs since 2004 and they are off to a 10-4 start this year. Someday a Stanley Cup would be nice to add to the mix along with a Brewers championship provided it’s not in the same year as they play the Red Sox. If it happened I would probably root for the Brewers slightly in that one as they have only gotten as far as the World Series once before losing to the St Louis Cardinals in seven games in 1982 when the Brewers were in the American League. A couple years ago the Cardinals beat the Brewers in the National League Championship Series as well.
But today I’m celebrating the Red Sox championship for myself, Red Sox fans and my late great grandmother from Taunton, Massachusetts a Boston suburb and a lifelong Red Sox fan. She helped teach me my love of baseball and the Red Sox. Congratulations Red Sox nation and to MVP David Big Papi Ortiz who still looks as good at age 37 as he did in 2004 as the only remaining member of that team on the current Red Sox. What a wonderful day in Boston for the Red Sox and for all that city went through with the Boston Marathon tragedy in April. Best wishes Doc/Bratman


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