A perfect game in baseball, another tough loss for the Brewers. manager Bobby Valentine’s status in Boston and I’m finishing a great vacation today.

16 Aug

A pretty great afternoon in baseball as Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners threw the third perfect game this season in the majors 1-0 over the Tampa Bay Rays, joining Matt Cain and Phiilip Humber. It was the sixth no hitter in baseball this season. It was also the third no hitter involving the Mariners this season. Phillip Humber threw a perfect against the Mariners in April. The Mariners used 6 pitchers to throw one against the Dodgers in June. Three perfect games have never been pitched in the same season and Hernandez perfecto was the 23rd in baseball history.

The Milwaukee Brewers, one of my favorite teams lost another tough game 7-6, giving up a 6-5 lead to the Colorado Rockies in Colorado. The bullpen this year has been the Brewers worst enemy. Meanwhile a couple other baseball notes, Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine has had his players like Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz among others talk to Red Sox Management about disagreements and his controversial managing style. I have heard various reports from players and management about his managing style and the Red Sox poor results this season.

Valentine is a good baseball mind, but he has always been controversial and somewhat arrogant in his managing style. I am a Red Sox fan so it is tough to see and I support him as Red Sox manager. But there are several who are accountable for the Red Sox struggles the last few years from players to management to the manager. I personally liked Terry Francona the Red Sox cerebral and previous manager, But detractors will say he let the Red Sox who collapsed in a playoff race last September as the reason for his departure. The Red Sox have talent but also a lot of big names and egos which get in their way. Putting a big ego manager like Bobby Valentine in charge only adds fuel to the fire with a big ego and talent club like the Red Sox. He might be just the ticket for a smaller market team like the Brewers that needs a good kick in the pants this season.

Also another unfortunate incident in baseball as the San Fransisco Giants Melky Cabrera, the MVP for the National League in the All Star Game is facing a 50 game suspension for testosterone use. It equates to the final 45 games of this season plus the Giants first 5 playoff games meaning he wouldnt be eligible likely until the National League Championship series. If the Giants dont make the playoffs the final 5 games of the suspension will be served next season. Another disappointing development in baseball drug testing, but Cabrera to his credit accepts and doesnt deny it. Too bad he felt he had to take HGH.

Finally I want to celebrate a personal accomplishment this week on vacation. Besides the two salmon we caught and you can see them on my Facebook page or Eli Sportsblogger’s page. Also I climbed a 100 foot Eagle Tower at Door County, Wisconsin for the second time in my life. I am scared of heights and falling and hyperventilated a bit but I decided to make it up to the top again and I’m still breathing. LOL. Best wishes and talk soon. Bratman


2 Responses to “A perfect game in baseball, another tough loss for the Brewers. manager Bobby Valentine’s status in Boston and I’m finishing a great vacation today.”

  1. elichap August 16, 2012 at 2:06 am #

    Quite a bit of controversy in the past couple of days….Cabrera is the most disappointing with all the news about drug enhancement use. Since the exposure and random testing …. one would think the players are smart enough to leave it alone and rely on their own ability. Addiction ~ most definitely. Hopefully this will be a cue to others ~ “don’t even think about it” ~ if they want a long and prosperous career! The Red Sox….well, we can only hope for the best. On the West coast ~ Hernandez…quite the feat to add to his resume! I saw where he threw 113 pitches and 12 S.O.’s. Pretty impressive ~ especially since that was such a close game, 1-0.
    Your climb is exceptional ~ since you have such adversities with height. You DID IT!! “) That’s what counts. But having a great vacation ~ priceless.
    Talk soon ~ Always, Beth

  2. berniebrew August 16, 2012 at 11:51 am #

    Thanks Eli for the kind comments as always and Jackie Shook for the like.Take care always. Bratman

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